Review: Austeros- Painted Blue (Specialist Subject)

Posted: July 18, 2016 in Reviews

Painted Blue cover art

Austeros are a band from Cheltenham in England. They play a mix of indie rock, Power Pop and Pop Punk. Painted Blue is their debut album after having done some EP’s in the past. The production on Painted Blue is swell and some of the songs are really good and they have a good sense of songwriting. To me, they sound like a mix between Against Me, Worriers and Weezer. “Super Powers” is catchy as hell and a fast Power Pop number, “Here We Go Again” is a slower Power Pop track. I must say I like this album, not every song is amazing, but the great songs are really great! The songwriting reminds me a bit of the faster Frank Turner songs, and this is most prominent on the second to last song “Sorry Sight”, it sounds even more like John Allen. “Fractions of Time” and “We Seem OK” sound a bit like newer Green Day (especially Uno), except with a bit more passion! The guitar often sounds like it comes from the late 70’s which I enjoy and the guitarist, Jeremy’s and the drummer, Nath’s, harmonies great together on the vocals. The sort of Vaccines-esque “Don’t Wanna Know” is another catchy bastard.

The album ends with “One Way”, that has the line “I’m always finding something wrong” and that is something I can relate to, but I don’t find much wrong with this song! If you like Power Pop and Indie and catchy songs you should check out this record!

Check it out:



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