Review: Trashed Ambulance- Blurry Thoughts (Self-released)(

Posted: July 5, 2016 in Reviews

Blurry Thoughts cover art

Located halfway between Calgary and Edmonton, Red Deer has a population of about 90,000 people. Not the sort of place that you would associate with a hotbed of punk activity. Well, to be honest, it probably isn’t, but don’t try to tell that to Trashed Ambulance. They play with an exuberance and enthusiasm usually associated with bands with a huge following. The songs on this debut album are fast, loud, snotty, and fun. The lead vocals sound like a gruff Ben Weasel, and the music is simple, melodic, and crunchy. Seriously, what you get here is unpretentious, without uber-complex arrangements or guitar solos; it’s just good music. The album starts with a sort of title track, “Blurry,” which is fast’n’loud, a perfect introduction. The gang chorus vocals are great, and there are aspects of the buzz saw guitars and melodic line that reminds me of Chicago punk of days gone by. “Scratch” is a favorite, also a simple song, with buzzsaw guitars, but with soaring whoa-oh chorus vocals. And the “Big Lebowski” clip at the end is great. It’s not the only movie clip or reference on the album, either. “Sell Out” ends with “SLC Punk” quote, “I didn’t sell out, son. I bought in. Keep that in mind.” And the stupidly silly “Lawn Dart” opens with “Fuck you, Doug!” which references “21 Jump Street.” It’s a helluva lotta fun song, with lyrics almost entirely consisting of the title. “Trashed” and “Royalty” are outliers, in that they’re truly epic tracks. They still retain the fast’n’loud feel, but have a big sound, a more serious sound, a more meaningful sound. Really, there isn’t a bad track here. I hope Trashed Ambulance tours south of their border, because I bet their live show is incredible.

Listen here:



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