Review: Henrietta- Paper Wings (Animal Style)

Posted: July 5, 2016 in Reviews

Paper Wings cover art

Henrietta comes to us from sunny Orlando, Florida, and they need to make up their minds. Are they a dreamy indie band or an alternative emo pop punk band? Both styles are present on this seven song EP, sometimes even within the same song. I sure hope they choose dreamy indie pop, because they do it really well. The emo stuff? It gets to be so boring these days, with many of the bands trying to play it being devoid of all emotion. The same applies here; it’s just soaring pop punk stuff, and really does nothing for me. But the dreamy indie pop stuff is really nice. I think my favorite track may be the closer, “Few Friends.” It’s so understated and quiet, with a beautiful melody jangling on the interplay between electric and acoustic guitars, with reverb giving it that far off quality. “Paper Wings” starts the EP, with jangly guitar, bass, and thin drums, deep in the back of the mix, like their at the far end of a big room, and the tenor vocals right up front. The rest of the band is brought to the front of the mix, and the sound starts to fill out, but there’s still a nice jangle. “Arrows” is a gorgeous one in places, with a big sound, especially the opening chords. It’s got loads of fuzz and reverb in the guitars giving it a really dreamy feel. Sections of the song, though, move into that emo-ish soaring sound. “In The Backyard” opens with a nerd-rock sort of feel, which is nice, then gets a little bigger without getting too expansive. I think that may be the key – restraint. When the song gets away from you, it can be too much. When it’s more restrained, jangling or dreamy, those are the best bits. That’s the Henrietta I want to hear more from.

Listen here:





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