Review: Colt 45- Snakes and Ladders (Visible Noise)

Posted: July 5, 2016 in Reviews

Cumbria’s Colt 45 are back with a new EP of retro-ish emo-ish pop punkish music. The six songs have some variety to them, with the opener, “I Can Forgive But I Won’t Forget,” being the most straightforward Fat Wreck Chords style punk tune, while “All Hell Broke Loose” is a much more post hardcore track, bordering on the “alternative” sound. “Lost For Words” is another one more in the “alternative” vein, while “What You See Is What You Get” is a little more dark pop mixed with pop punk. Essentially, what we get from Colt 45 is a distillation of a variety of sounds, blended like a distiller blends whiskies, trying to bring out better aspects of some spirits while hiding the less desirable characteristics. What you end up with is an average whiskey, one that can’t really stand on its own. Likewise, Colt 45 seem to produce music that, in the punk world, might be described as “middle of the road.” It’s not offensive or incompetent or bad, but neither is it outstanding or groundbreaking or unique. It just is. That first track is probably the peak of flavor, and then comes a slide into plain vanilla. That first track has some character to it, with an unusual descending melodic line, well-executed vocal harmonies, and a reasonably raucous feel. “All Hell Broke Loose” feels like it’s trying to be some grandiose emotional track, but it comes across more as something from the “alternative music” charts. “Lost For Words” sinks further into the “alternative” abyss, sounding like dozens of other bands out there, with little unique. “Two Steps Back,” the closer, ends the slide, with a track that has some pop punk interest to it. The vocals have gruffer sound, and the melody is brighter. Overall, though, it sounds like Colt 45 is trying too hard: too hard to sound like what they think a big punk band should sound like, and too hard to seem cool and relevant to the alternative punk crowd.

Listen here:



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