Review: Radiohearts- Tell You (EP, No Front Teeth)

Posted: June 13, 2016 in Reviews

Tell You cover art

On their fourth EP (in a fairly short space of time), Radiohearts show no sign of slowing down their power-pop juggernaut. Hailing from Long-Beach, California, Radiohearts take clear influence from the late 1970s and early 1980s: half a dose from the power-pop of Cheap Trick and Elvis Costello, half a dose from the first wave of melodic punk of Buzzcocks, The Boys and Generation X. They probably remind me the most of the latter on that list: Radiohearts certainly strut like Gen X did, no more so than on EP highlight “So Low”. The opening chords of that track are worth the ‘admission fee’ alone of the EP. They kind of remind me of ‘90s pop-punk (MXPX?) before RH leap into your standard power-pop melodies. The opening title track is also so great. It is just relentless hook after hook, in the same way that Exploding Hearts did. It is pulsating stuff, if a little exhausting after a while. I love the snottier side of Radiohearts, where the Buzzcocks-esque punk sits nicely alongside the breezy, summertime hooks, and “Tell You” certainly ticks both of those boxes. That is Side A. Now, Side B is decent, but it’s no Side A. It misses some of that intensity I mentioned, and the hooks just aren’t as memorable. “Who are you?” has got a glam rock swagger to it and I feel like it has all the real elements to be a hit, but somewhere, somehow, they don’t come together to form something cohesive. Meanwhile, “So My Heart has an Obituary” is a great song title, but is probably the weakest track on the EP: it’s a ‘50s rock ‘n’ roll effort that promises a lot, but never quite goes to where it should. This is not to discredit Side B, mind, it just pales in comparison to the hit-fest on Side A. To sum up: summer; Radiohearts; dance, please.

Check it out:



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