Review: Sink Alaska- Battle Lines from Better Times (EP, Make That A Take)

Posted: May 18, 2016 in Reviews

Battle Lines From Better Times cover art

This Glasgow-based band was formed from the ashes of two other bands, The Day I Snapped and Beauty School Dropout. They’ve been around a couple years now, and this four-song EP is their second release, after 2014’s “The Path of Least Resistance” 7”. The quarter of tracks here are melodic punk, strongly rooted in the 1990s American style. It’s the sort of music you might have heard from labels like Fat Wreck Chords back in the day. The music is catchy, sometimes almost poppy, but always crunchy. Harmonized vocals add to the poppy feel, while the thick guitar/bass/drums arrangements give it the big crunch. The second track, “All That Got Hurt Was Feelings,” is probably the hardest edged track, while “Overkill Is Underrated” is the rager of the EP. With a quick tempo, a super catchy melody, and a bouncy beat, this one is tailor made for fist pumping, getting sweaty, and singing along.  I’ll bet these guys are a lot of fun live.


Check it out here:


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