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Skate punk is alive and well in Perth, Australia! Imagine taking Fat Wreck Chords style skate punk, adding in a heavy dose of Masked Intruder style pop punk, and blending it with Epitaph punk rock, heavy on the Bad Religion. That’s the sort of sound you get with The Decline. The songs are fast, they’re crunchy, they’re super melodic and catchy, and they’re everything you expect from this kind of music. The multi-part harmonies are great, too, appearing often in many of the songs. “I Don’t Believe” leans a little more heavily toward the Bad Religion side of things, while still remaining quite poppy. “The Blurst of Times” also reminds me a bit more of the Epitaph sound, but those harmonized vocals – so great! It’s like a punk barbershop quartet! “You Call This a Holiday” is an awesome track – it starts out as a nice, quiet indie-pop track, with jangly guitar and subdued vocals. Just when you start to relax and swoon to this crooner, at about the two-thirds mark, everything explodes in a fury of drums, and guitars, pounding crunchy bass, and those harmonized vocals – it’s a full song’s worth of excitement in under a minute! “Wrecking Ball” has a fun intro, sung a cappella, also in barbershop quarter style. I particularly love the great melody of “You’re Not The Waitress,” which has more creativity than the typical punk song. The quality of this album is very consistent, the technical ability top notch, and the singing is spot on throughout the album. And, even at fifteen songs, the album doesn’t seem too long – maybe because the tracks average around two minutes or so a piece. I used to love this style of music back in the day, but I moved on, as music evolved and changed. These days, many of the bands that play skate punk don’t do much for me anymore, but I truly enjoyed this album.

-Paul Silver

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