Review: Loop Line- Wakes (EP)

Posted: March 14, 2016 in Uncategorized

Wakes cover art

For some reason when I see this EP cover I think I’m about to listen to The Killers or Bloc Party, but I’m not, this is Loop Line. I know nothing about them, except that they are an alternative rock duo based in Minneapolis, where Paul (one of the duo’s members lives, Luke lives in Phoenix, and they’ve recorded the EP over mail, and that’s all I need to know).  I didn’t really know what to expect from this Ep, but I always like listening to new shit! The first song is probably the best song, it’s called “Nothing About You” and it’s a Power Pop song and it almost sounds like Weezer. The singing reminds me of Intruder Blue of Masked Intruder. I really like the song, the melody is great! The harmonies are nice and the instrumentation is sweet. The second song “Grin” at first sounds like Blink-182 on piano, but goes away from that path pretty quick. “Grin” is a chill song, with a smooth bass line. The harmonies and sound is reminiscent of the Beach Boys as well as later era Zombies, I even hear some Pixies influences.

“Parts Unknown” also has those ol’ Beach Boys harmonies and I would describe it as psychedelic indie rock. There’s a title trop in the song: “We’ll find ourselves in parts unknown”, which sounds somewhat poetic. The vocals in “Parts Unknown” are a bit like Rivers from Weezer, but the singer also reminds me a bit of Christian from the Tattle Tales. The last song, “Dusty Keys” is a great closer, and it’s also a psychedelic indie song, but it sounds way different from “Parts Unknown”, it’s chill like “Grin” and it’s more of a ballad, it sort of reminds me of the Norwegian duo Kings of Convenience. “Wakes” is a pretty good EP and it’s very diverse. Even as a promoter of diversity, I would maybe say it’s too diverse to the point that it seems inconsistent. Despite that, I will probably listen to it a lot in the future, so I definitely enjoy it!


Check it out here:


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