Review: Jabber- Well…Just Jabber EP

Posted: March 14, 2016 in Reviews

Well... Just Jabber cover art

It’s a great honor for me to review such a great band as Jabber. For those not familiar with them, they are a female fronted band from the Bay Area. I’m not sure if the band name has anything to do with GG.Allin’s band the Jabbers, but in spite of it being his poppiest band, Jabber is probably the antithesis of anything GG ever did. Jabber is sugary, sweet, and incredibly catchy! The band is fronted by Danny from the Pillowfights! and Kris from Dead Ringer. I don’t know much about Dead Ringer, but I’ve always loved the Pillowfights and I’ve always considered Danny one of the greatest voices of modern Pop Punk(and I’m not only saying that because she wrote me a birthday song once). Together their voices are a perfect blend and a breath of fresh and sweet air in a genre that is mostly dominated by beardy dudes singing their tragic songs with the same gruff voice. Jabber also takes the genre back to the roots, without actually sounding like they are trying to be retro, Jabber is Jabber! They released the amazing “Too Many Babes” EP on Bloated Kat Records in 2012, a record that demonstrated their knack for songwriting and the songs were on my phone for over three years, and will probably be in my head forever. It contained great songs such as “Maybe Next Year” and “Talk to You”. They’ve also done some splits with Science Police and the Mixtapes.

I remember listening to “Well…Just Jabber” when it first came out and before reviewing it I hadn’t listened to it after that, which is a shame. So I reviewing it has given me a reason to listen a lot to it, not that I would need a reason. The EP opens with the dose of Pop Punk sweetness called “Nineteen”, a nihilistic unrequited love song that proposes: “I think we should get together, don’t care about forever at all”, while the second track, “Anymore”, seems to be a continuing of it. Where “Nineteen” includes the line “I know I’m not the one your heart beats for”, “Anymore” has “I don’t wanna tell you’re one my heart beats for”. “Anymore” reminds me a bit of Bad Cop Bad Cop, which of course is a good thing! And even if the song is upbeat and catchy the lyrics are quite sad. Just look at these lyrics “You left me weary, my outlook dreary, but now you’re gone/ So everything can get rad, stop feeling so sad and stop writing you these songs”. Well I’m all for things getting rad and that she stops feeling sad, just as long as she keeps on writing these songs, who knows if this dude in the song appreciates them, but I’m sure Jabber fans do! “Only You” is the longest song on the EP, and the only song clocking over two minutes and I hear some Lipstick Homicide influences here. The last song is the Mean Girls themed “Grool”, and it could easily fit on “Too Many Babes”. My favorite song on the EP, however, the third song; “Suzy”, a song that apparently is about a dog. It was the song first that hooked me on the EP and it still does. It reminds me a bit of Blondie’s “Denis”, it’s a super catchy song that fits perfectly with Jabber’s bubblegum image and so does the Josie and the Pussycats inspired artwork.

After listening to EP, I’m just wanting more. It’s a really strong EP, but I guess it’s not as great as “Too Many Babes”, but then again what is nowadays? I really want to listen to “Suzy” now, what a song!


Check it out here:


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