Review: Geometers- S/T EP (Jetsam Flotsam)

Posted: March 14, 2016 in Reviews

Geometers cover art

This Brooklyn-based band is one you may not have heard of – I know I hadn’t before listening. But now I can’t wait to hear more. Midwest label Jetsam-Flotsam has a gem on its hands in this post-punk trio. Recording, mixing, and producing duties were all performed by none other than J Robbins, and it’s easy to see why he was attracted to this project. The band definitely has a DC post-punk sort of sound that’s, dare I say it, very Jawbox-like. The melodic lines, angular approach, and vocal harmonies all remind me pretty strongly of that band, one of my favorites from the nineties. Maybe the instrumentation here isn’t quite as full, and the lines jangle with a bit more of a modern indie flair. But I hear the same sort of urgency in the vocals in even in the instruments. “On My Own” begins the quartet of tracks with an off kilter bas line, then the guitars come in to add some embellishments before smoothly taking up the lead. Then the vocals come in, dueling with each other in unorthodox rhythms, and then joining in harmony. The last quarter of the song explodes with intensity, completely changing the tone, then settling back at the end, which seamlessly leads into “Title Fight.” This second track builds on the sound of the first, adding more of an edge in places, with a more intense urgency to the sound. “Arp” is a short, quiet instrumental that feels out of place. Slow and atmospheric, building to a creepy ending, it doesn’t seem to flow with the other three tracks. “Sidearm,” however, closes the EP with a huge bang! More aggressively played and sung, this track hits hard, and is my favorite of the EP. Rumor has it that a full-length is in the works, and I can’t wait to hear it.

-Paul Silver


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