Review: The Lamplighters- Views (No Panic)

Posted: January 23, 2016 in Reviews

Views cover art

Well, now I know that there’s more to Germany, musically, than oompah bands. There’s at least one band there carrying the pop punk torch, albeit in a slightly emo-ish manner. This is a pretty strong release, with songs full of melodic crunch and gruff sing-along vocals. Think Hot Water Music or Against Me, and you’re in the right vein. But the band seems to have a bit of a split personality, with some of the tracks being these awesome, grandiose, melodic hard-hitting emotional punk songs, and others being more “traditional” pop-punk, with fun and bounciness. Prime tracks of the first category include the opener, which is also the title track, “Views,” “Here And There,” and especially “Burden,” with such a huge sound that could fill a stadium, yet still feels as intimate and personal as a private show in a tiny club. Another is the closer, “Hold Me,” which also has a huge sound, with intricate guitar work, big choruses, and a driving beat. As far as tracks in the latter category that stand out, there’s “Basement,” a track that’s so Ramones-like that they even throw in some “gabba gabbas.” “Fairytale” has a great sound that would be at home on a Fat Wreck Chords release, with its fast, melodic punk sound. And “I Don’t Like You” is a fast hella fun track, super melodic and fist-pump ready. And then there are tracks like “Swallow,” which walk the line between these two distinct styles. I really like this album, and have already been telling many of my American friends about this band.

Paul Silver

Listen here:


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