Review: Banquets- Spit at the Sun (The Black Numbers)

Posted: January 23, 2016 in Reviews

Spit at the Sun cover art

There are three ways a band can go, through its career. It can either keep getting better and better with time, putting out better and better records, it can start out with a bang and whither away, becoming a shadow if its former self, or it can just sort of stay the same. New Jersey’s Banquets is calling it quits, and they’ve taken that third path. “Spit At The Sun” is their swan song. It’s a solid record, full of melodic alternative rock that borders on melodic punk. And it’s very even in quality. That means there are no stinkers, but it also means no significant standouts. It’s pretty much the same as their previous releases over their short career. If I had to pick a few favorites, they would be “Forecaster,” which opens the album, especially the great jangly bridge right around the middle of the song; the pair, “Piled High” and “Backwash,” which flow into one another, and have great melodies and cool hooks; and “I’ve Got A Scheme,” the album’s closer, for it’s soaring quality. But these are just little points that I’m grasping for in order to choose favorites. The fact is they’re all good, just not great. The album will certainly satisfy fans, and it fits in quite well in the band’s output, as well as the genre. But it would have been cooler if they were going out on a higher note.

Paul Silver

Listen here:


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