Review: Shit Present- S/T EP (Specialist Subject)

Posted: December 19, 2015 in Reviews

Shit Present cover art

Iona, the bassist in Great Cynics, has formed her own band called Shit Present, including members of Gnarwolves, Smith Street Band and Ok Pilot. She sang lead vocals on one of the tracks from Great Cynics recent LP I Feel Weird called “North Street” and it’s probably one of the best pop-punk songs of the year and yet at least two of the songs on this EP even top that for me. “Anxious Type” is a hell of a way to kick off an EP. Musically and lyrically, one of the best written songs to come out of the UK punk scene in the last few years. Catchy lead guitars, awesome melodies and a killer chorus, underpinned by Iona’s passionate yet simultaneously vulnerable vocals. Her vocals suit this kind of music so perfectly. The way the music builds up to a crescendo of a chorus, which is at once cathartic and super-melodic: “Just tell yourself you’re not the anxious type” just begs to be screamed out. Read Hard was recently talking about Tim as an ‘outsider’ record and I kind of think that this EP follows that tradition, “Anxious Type” in particular. The song is powerful and moving and a big fuck you from an outsider perspective: I can do this, I’m not going to listen to what you say. I would link that with Colleen Green’s album-closing realisation from her latest album, that she can do “whatever” she wants. There are other great lyrical insights on the song: “I know I was crying for what seemed like half a year/ but I’m trying, you just only see my fear, cos you hold me dear”.

The EP calls to mind ‘90s poppy indie combined with more recent sonic developments on the UK punk underground. It’s essentially well-written melodic punk that is honest and refreshing. For a debut EP, it’s astonishingly good. Shit Present slow things down on the superbly penned “Melbourne” before the spiky, fast-paced “Evaporate”, with its deep-cutting lyrics: “As soon as you come around, I wish you’d fucking go away”. There’s not a bad song on this things. I’m fully pumped for a full-length now. The band name Shit Present may sound like a terrible DC hardcore band from the late ‘90s but don’t let the name put you off. This is the shit.

Listen here:



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