Review: Radiohearts- Lot to learn EP (FDH)

Posted: December 19, 2015 in Reviews

Lot To Learn cover art

After having reviewed their last EP “Nothing at All”, I had great expectations for the next one; “Lot to Learn”. One of the oddities with the last EP, that I noted in the review, was that the cover art didn’t fit much to the music, but this time it’s spot on. The cover art looks like something out of Britain in the late 70’s or early 80’s, and despite still being from Long Beach, California, that’s exactly what the band sounds like! Same as “Nothing at All”, the new EP also have four tracks and is over in under ten minutes. The musical references and influences seem to be the same and the title track “Lot to Learn” and “Heartbeat” both sound a lot like the Buzzcocks. The title track, and also the first song on the EP, also seems a bit Ramones inspired, and has anyone ever gone wrong with that?????….Forget I asked, lots of bands have gone wrong with that, but Radiohearts do not!

The second song “Decisions” has a very Pop Punk/Power Pop inspired intro and the verses reminds me of the newer British band Vatican DC, but the chorus takes us back to the Buzzcocks sound! And it’s pretty damn catchy! I often have problems making out the lyrics, but the line “The future’s very bright for a kid that’s too young to be alone”, if that is what is sung, is truly great. Aforementioned “Heartbeat” is definitely one of the best songs released this year! Outside of the Buzzcocks, the song seems really inspired by 60’s Pop music, but with a New Wave beat. The lyrics are simple and minimalist, and as I can tell, only has two or three sentences. The chorus goes “There’s a toll on your soul that is never gonna last”. The last song “Let Them No” continues in the 60’s Pop style in the melody and it reminds me of something I can’t put my finger on. The music sounds a bit like the Clash mixed with 999 and it’s a bit slower than the rest of the tracks. Also, a really great song!

The band hasn’t changed their sound much since the last EP, but the production has become better and the performance also sounds more professional. There are less contagious melodies like “Heart of Mine” on this EP, but it’s more consistently good and the EP as a whole seems more substantial. I’m still excited about this band and I think this is definitely among the best releases of 2015. After three EP’s, I wonder if they will release a full-length or stay in the EP format.

Listen here:



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