Review: Bangers- Bird (Specialist Subject)

Posted: October 11, 2015 in Reviews

Bird cover art

What I like about Bangers is their ability to spread their wings musically, and on that note, Bird works perfectly as the title of their third full-length. This could be in terms of the album itself, but it could also describe their transition as a band since their early 7”s. Since those early 7”s, Bangers have become more creative and moved further away from the shouty-pop-punk of their formative years. They are as much alt-rock as punk-rock these days and influences from both sides are evident on Bird.

In a similar way to Apologies, I Have None, Bangers have branched out from their punk origins and embraced bigger ideas, but this is not to the detriment of the passion behind the music. Don’t worry, it is definitely still Bangers playing the music, but they are just experimenting a little bit more. It is natural growth after the fantastic Crazy Fucking Dreams. The guitars are crunchier and the vocals are less nasal. In terms of the album itself, there is decent variety. You still have the gruff, passionate pop-punk of yesteryear, which are just begging to be screamed by 20 scruffy kids at about 2am in a basement (see: “Half Human”; “Stressful Festival”). However, building on Crazy Fucking Dreams, there are other songs which have more crunch, dirt and alt-rock angst, like the tales of “old Cornish sailors” heard in “Mannequin”. Then there are the more considered, slowed-down numbers: the obvious example to this is the raw, honest (and probably album highlight) “I Don’t Feel Like I’ll Ever Be Clean Again”. It is a fine balance, but Bangers manage to make the transitions between the styles seem natural and organic. Bird has a good amount of variety throughout, but there is one constant and that is Bangers being Bangers. That is what I admire about the band. They are always just themselves and that is more than enough.

Check it out:



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