Review: Teenage Gluesniffers- Frames EP (Infested)

Posted: July 17, 2015 in Reviews

Frames cover art

Teenage Gluesniffers are a Pop Punk band from Milan, Italy. The country of The Manges, Latte+ and the Veterans. It seems this Southern European country is a utopia for Ramonescore bands, who tend to be experts on the genre! I’m assuming Teenage Gluesniffers took their name from the brilliant Queers song penned by Ben Weasel. I’ve heard the band’s name for years, but haven’t really checked them out. “Frames” is following up their mini-album Chinese Demography, which is a brilliant title! The cover art on “Frames” is goofy, and fits the sound of the band. The EP starts with the by far best song on the EP; “Brand New Day”; at first I thought I was listening to Lit! The intro sounds like it could’ve been straight out of A place in the Sun. The chorus is catchy! And it’s a great song. The rest of the EP gets a bit repetitive and I think it’s hard to tell the songs apart. “The Raven” is the longest and least inspirational song on the EP, and the chorus is reminiscent of 2000’s MTV Pop Punk. The song is a reference to the poem by Edgar Allan Poe, and there’s a spoken word middle where the poem is being read, which I enjoy ! “Back from Pasalacqua”, the follow-up to the Green day’s wonderful, “Going to Pasalacqua”, but it definitely falls short of the Green day song, which to be fair, is a fantastic song.

Something I enjoy a lot about this band is their titles; “Peabody Award Shithead Trophy” is a great one, which is followed by a hidden track. The hidden track is a cover of the Ramones song “Something to Believe In”, which I would say isn’t the best Ramones song. The synth in this cover is really good though, and I guess I would’ve loved to hear more of that in the rest of the EP. The Production is sweet and in spite of the vocals being a bit low, I love the way they are panned. The musical performance is stellar, with a few exceptions; the vocals aren’t always great, but that’s Pop Punk’s charm!! The drums on the albums are particularly awesome. I think the singer sounds a bit like Will DeNiro from the Zatopeks. The band also reminds me of the Buzzcocks at times. I really like “Brand New Day”, but I do think Teenage Gluesniffers fall short of their compatriots, the Manges and Latte+.


Listen here:


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