Review: Dwayne S/T (Paper and Plastick)

Posted: July 17, 2015 in Reviews

Dwayne ( self titled ) cover art

Dwayne are a kind of supergroup, comprising of band members who have all served in various other underground punk rock bands for a number of years, including Chris Fogall of The Gamits. So, a bit like Houseboat. Except, unlike Houseboat, I don’t really know any of the other bands the members have been in (apart from The Gamits, of course). It’s enough to make someone feel a little out of touch. But alas, maybe I’m not so au fait with the punk underground scene as I think, rather just ‘what I know’, i.e. I will just follow ex- Ergs or Steinways members new bands or whatever.

Anyway, Dwayne! This, their first s/t lp, is…alright. I know, it’s partly because Chris’s vocals are so distinctive, but this album sounds like it could be a Gamits record in some ways. With an exception or two, Dwayne play mainly mid or slow-tempo melodic punk rock, reminiscent of Alkaline Trio. Dwayne have similar dark, haunting melodies to the ‘Trio, as well as a fairly standard 1-2-3-4 punk rock songwriting style. Songs like “I’ma Goin’ to Hell” only adds to the gothic underpinning to what is otherwise a straightforward melodic punk rock record. There are acoustic moments where Dwayne try to go down the ‘country-tinged punk’ route, like The Tim Version or something, such as “Catch and Release”, which works ok to an extent, but you wouldn’t want to hear any more than a song or two in this style. “My Own Invention” is the most obviously ‘90s song on the record, sounding like it could have come straight from the grunge era. I guess the songs I appreciate the most are those which are the poppiest (surprise surprise) and most Green Day/Alk Trio- like, such as “Joey Got Dumped” or “Morning After Song”. If I was doing something as lame as rating, I would give this a solid 6/10. But we’re not, so we’ll say that this is…alright.


Listen here:


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