Review: Great Cynics- I Feel Weird (Specialist Subject)

Posted: May 27, 2015 in Reviews

I Feel Weird cover art

Great Cynics walk the tight boundary between ‘90s indie-pop and straight-forward pop-punk in a similar way to label-mates Personal Best. They are equally indebted to Weezer as they are Descendents and that means one thing: hooks-a-plenty! I Feel Weird is seriously one big pop-fest; the melodies on display here will gradually draw you in and not let you leave for days. There is a punk element to this record, but make no mistake, the core here is classic, sugary pop. The uplifting, positive nature of I Feel Weird gives it all a summery feel, recalling youthful, care-free days in the park.

“Lost in You” is probably my favourite track on the record (although it could be a number of any in reality) and offers a good indication of what the rest of I Feel Weird sounds like. It is bright, breezy, guitar-led and has a mother of a chorus: “If you’ve got something to say, then say it”. What’s more, it feels like a collective effort from the three-piece, where so many bands can feel very frontman-centric. Bassist Iona offers lead vocals on a couple tracks and absolutely shines (including probably the most ‘pop-punk’ song on the album, “North Street”). There is a decent variety on display here, keeping the listener engrossed throughout: the poppy, ultra-positive party of “Everyone’s A Little Bit Weird”; the addictive indie-rock stomp of “I Went Swimming” (ft. Ian Graham from Cheap Girls); the love-sick folk-y ditty closer “By The Sea”. There is not necessarily a sense of quarter-life crisis on I Feel Weird, but certainly a feeling of twenty-something unease and uncertainty: yet, despite being unsure of what is around the corner and where they are headed, Great Cynics are simply happy to go along for the ride.

Check it out here:


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