Review: We Are The Union- Keep It Down EP (Paper and Plastick)

Posted: April 28, 2015 in Reviews

With all the swindlers and bad working conditions in Punk rock, it’s nice to see a band that’s unionised. We Are The Union is from Detroit, Michigan, like Eminem. They took a break in 2013 after putting out three albums. They are now back from their hiatus with the EP “Keep It Down”. The first song “Calling in Dead” sounds like Ska, but sort of isn’t Ska; the verses sound more like an indie rock band trying to play Ska. To me it actually sounds a lot like the Lagwagon song “Today”. The chorus is more Pop punk and kind of sounds like a less polished Sugarcult. We Are The Union is a bit shouty, but not as gruff as Copyrights or Off with their heads. The band is neither Emo nor Gainesville-core, but they are just as bummed out. “My Whole Life Is a Dark Room” has a clearly Bad Religion influenced intro and the verses have those Fat Wreck Chords drums that Smelly from NOFX perfected. The back-up vocals remind me of the back-up vocals in Blink-182’s “Disaster” or Alkaline trio’s “I Want to Be a Warhol”, which are maybe the best thing in both those songs. The chorus reminds me of the Copyrights or Lawrence arms.

The fourth track is a Green Day cover, of “Burnout”, the opening track of Dookie. It’s a fine cover, they’ve covered it note for note, but they’ve made it fit in with their own style. And the Green Day worship doesn’t stop on the next song: “Kings of Chords”, the intro sounds like newer Green Day, but quickly turns into more of Ska Punk song. Melodically, it sounds more like Less Than Jake, especially their infamous In with The Out Crowd album. The second track “The Dreams That You Forgot” reminds me of that album as well. The last song “Bury Me” is more riff-y, and kind of sounds like Zebrahead without the rapping, and even earlier Yellowcard at times. The lyrics are maybe the band at their most depressing, and I feel like the chorus could’ve come right out of the Off With Their Heads catalogue, with lyrics like “Bury me or set me free” and “Breaks the bottles inside me”. At times I also hear they have taken some inspiration from the atrocities of modern Pop Punk, but it’s not dominating in any way. So, if you are into Ska and Fat Wreck Chords bands and you need someone to cheer you up this summer, this is your summer EP right here! Just remember to consider your neighbours’ feelings and Keep it down!

Check out Call In Dead here:



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