Review: Latte+- No More Than Three Chords (Rocket man records/Infested records)

Posted: April 28, 2015 in Reviews

no more than three chords

Latte+ are from Tuscany, Italy, and seem to be a quite big in their home country: they even have a Wikipedia page, and I hardly understand a word of it! They started in 1997 and play catchy Pop punk highly influenced by the Ramones. No More Than Three Chords is their seventh studio album. The music on the album is well performed and the production is wonderful. The tambourines and vocal harmonies are pretty much perfectly mixed in. At first listen, the album sounded like generic, well-produced Pop punk, but on further listening, it gets better and better! “Something About You” is a feel-good summer hit and “Anyway, I Wanna Be With You” is a sugar sweet sensation! Musically, the latter, sounds like The Queers’ “I Wanna Be Happy” with the glockenspiel and diabetes-inducing singing. The melody in the chorus reminds me of Weston, which is never a bad thing. The melody in the verses sounds like something I can’t put my finger on; I’m thinking “Hybrid moments” or “Astro zombies” by the Misfits.

One of the greatest tracks on the album is “We Are the Disturbed”, the pronunciation of “disturbed” is unusual, but awesome! Chicco (the vocalist and bassist) sings “We don’t even know how to play” and I can tell you that is a lie. “Teenage Schizoid” has a classical music sample intro, and the song itself reminds me of the Groovie ghoulies. Outside of the obvious Ramones influence, I also hear they have listened to the Undertones and their compatriates The Manges, as well as The Queers’ album Punk Rock Confidential. It also functions well when they experiment and break free from the “Ramonescore” sound. I feel that like the Lemonaids, Latte+ is a band that seems to take style and musicality over songwriting, but I definitely think that some of these songs are really great and will grow on you. The album isn’t gonna re-write music history, but if it grows this much each listen, that can be interesting. I even think this is better than most of the Manges’ recent efforts. So overall, it’s a good album! I’m sure they’ve used more than three chords though.

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