Review: Football, etc- ‘Disappear’ EP (Count Your Lucky Stars)

Posted: March 28, 2015 in Reviews

CYLS 087 Footbal, etc.- Disappear












Following a couple of albums, including 2013’s awesome Audible, and a few 7”s and splits, Football, etc return with a new EP, which continues in the same vein as their previous releases, again straddling the line between cutesy indie and earnest emo; the only change here being that the melancholy has been turned up a few notches. ‘Disappear’ is full of contemplative lyrics and drawn-out melodies that call to mind Waxahatchee’s slower moments. Kicking off with the following lyrics on opener “Sunday” sets the tone for the rest of the EP: “Sometimes I find myself in an awful place/ And I can pretend that I am not there/ And I disappear”. The idea of disappearing is the theme of the EP, I guess. The highlight of ‘Disappear’ for me is “Sweep”, which has a great soft/loud dynamic. If you already know Football, etc, this will please you; if you don’t, this is not a bad place to start at all.

Listen here:


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