Gig Review: The Amp Session Presents: Van Susans + Affairs + Staring Out The Sun

Posted: March 28, 2015 in Liveage

Hey, look, it’s another Amp Session live! Three different bands to last time, but the quality was still as good. Kicking off the evening were Staring Out The Sun, a relatively new rock band from London, whose debut EP came out last month. It is difficult to say exactly, but I think Staring Out The Sun probably stole the show. Their brand of emphatic, energetic rock, complete with cool breakdowns, chugging guitars and powerful vocals, works so well in the live setting. The lead singer, in particular, really interacted well with the audience (an already packed venue by this point). It reminded me at points of mid-00s alt rock like Fightstar or Thrice! Next up were Affairs, an altogether different proposition, synth-y, ethereal indie rock, in the vein of Interpol, Bloc Party or a dancier Smiths. The memorable part of their performance was perhaps not the music itself, but the theatrical performance of the lead singer, as he swayed/danced about on stage. Along with his vocals, he is reminiscent of Ian Curtis or Morrisey. Of their set, their latest single “Blood Science” stood out as the most powerful song. Van Susans were the final band on of the night, showcasing their poppy, folk-y rock, with keyboard and violin sounds to boot. They have built a decent sized fan base already and you can see why. The five-piece band are very tight and are clearly very comfortable playing together. You can totally see their stuff being played regularly on Radio 2! All in all, another successful Amp Session night then, helped by the sheer variety of bands on display.

Check out The Amp Session here:


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