Review: Pushin’ it 2 the limit- S/T

Posted: March 9, 2015 in Reviews

Pushin' it 2 the Limit cover art

Pushin’ it 2 the limit are a new-ish punk band from Philadelphia and this is their first release, which came out at the tail end of last year. It may take a while to get into your head, but there is something ultimately irresistible about this charming self-titled debut. And charming it is; this is lo-fi punk rock that is all about the fun and the melodies. It kind of epitomises the spirit of punk: it was created to be something pure and joyful, yet with a ‘fuck you’ in mind at the same time. The kind of reaction I had after watching the brilliant Swedish, coming of age punk flick ‘We Are The Best’. I wish, at times, that better production had gone into this record, but basement recordings are nothing if not charming. The band shouting out the name of the song in unison before playing it is also their thing. Which is cute as fuck, especially when it involves shouting “Totally extreme, fuck yeah!!”

So, what do PI2TL specifically sound like? Well, I guess it is broadly pop-punk, in that it’s ‘poppy’ and it’s ‘punk’, but it sounds nothing like say Green Day or Screeching Weasel. PI2TL play scrappy, lo-fi, poppy punk, which has Descendents-esque melodies and female vocals which are kind of Tacocat-ish. When they are at the most sneering and angry, they sound a little like something from the ‘riot grrrl’ era (see: “Pump Up the Shred”). The noodle-y guitars really fits well throughout with the high tempo of the songs; this album will definitely make you want to get up and dance. It takes a little while to ‘get’ this album and what they are going for, and I’m not sure about the extent to which they are really ‘pushin’ it 2 the limit’ musically, but this album is so much fucking fun. If I lived in Philadelphia, I would be at their shows whenever I could. And when they belt out their ‘band statement’, you can’t help but sing along: “Cos we’re pushin’ it 2 the limit!!!”

Stream the album here:



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