Review: Brown Plaid- Chico’s Revenge

Posted: March 2, 2015 in Reviews

Chico's Revenge cover art

Brown plaid is a band from Merrick, New York. “Chico’s Revenge” is a short record: 9 songs in under 10 minutes. They describe the album themselves on their bandcamp page as “Songs we wrote while drinking beer, listening to screeching weasel and watching cats poop in a dirty basement.” The first two songs “Records” and “Hippies” reminds me of early Less than Jake and Teri Yakimoto era of Guttermouth. “Different World” is more of a Screeching weasel-esque song and it has a somewhat good lead guitar. It sounds like something that could fit in on Teen Punks in Heat. Lyrically, the band explore the sillier spectrum of Punk, with Joe Queer-inspired lyrics in “Hippies”: “Hippies stink, literally” and other lyrics like “You are a girly band!!!!!” and a song about hating the Sex pistols. Even Marilyn Manson and Good Charlotte get their minutes of fame (well, not literally, the song is hardly a minute) in the song. I don’t know if this hate for the Pistols is justified, but it’s a funny song. And the cred that Punk purists give the early punk bands that basically all were on major labels is kind of funny. The song ends with an anti-homage to “God Save the Queen” where they sing “God save my ears”; after the song someone yells, “I pooped myself!”

“Flapjack Faceslap” takes the band back to the Guttermouth sound and “Baby Wants a Bottle” is another Weasel-inspired song. It’s also the longest song on the record and clocks in at one minute and thirty one seconds, I think it’s their best song as well! The cover art is a night vision picture of a cat in a litter box with lit up eyes. I’m guessing the cats name is “Chico”. It looks really simplistic and funny which fits the EP perfectly. This record is no Pet Sounds, it’s not even My Brain Hurts, but it’s Chico’s Revenge and that’s something too: it’s a fun album that doesn’t take itself too seriously for people who are into this sort of thing.

Check out the 7″ here:


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