Pears- Go to Prison (Self-released)

Posted: January 22, 2015 in Reviews

Go To Prison cover art

Go to Prison is the self-released, debut album from New Orleans-based new-ish hardcore punk band Pears, and it has been getting a ton of hype in the underground punk scene. And after listening to it a fair bit, I am struggling to see why. It’s kind of a mash up of sub-par ‘90s Fat Wreck (think early Propaghandi) with average-as-fuck hardcore punk. Yeah, it is angry and passionate, but I feel nothing from listening to Go to Prison; it feels like one of those sterile hardcore records I grew up nonplussed about. What’s more, it’s pretty formulaic. Pretty much every song lasts around 2 minutes, begins with a scream-y hardcore section, before leading into a melodic, skate-punk-y chorus. It’s all pretty predictable. I do appreciate the song “Forever Sad”, where the urgency seems to fit well with the melody and the chorus is actually kind of good, but when you hear that formula repeated a further five times, it kind of loses its charm. Don’t get me wrong, this album is not terrible; it’s just plain boring and average. As middle-of-the-road as punk gets. Don’t let the hype machine fool you. The only song on this record I will likely return to is their cover of “Judy is a Punk”, which manages to add something to the original, being more aggressive, faster and in your face. And that’s nice, but if the best song on the record is a cover, then it does not reflect greatly on the originality of the rest.

Listen here:



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