Review: The No Marks- Light of One (Brassneck)

Posted: December 21, 2014 in Reviews

The No Marks - Light Of One cover art

Light of One is the debut full-length from Liverpool-based The No Marks, apparently named so because of the two singers in the band being named Mark. They comprise of former members of older UK punk bands like Down and Outs and Blocko that I don’t know a huge deal about, but I do know that I like this! The No Marks play a brand of melodic, tuneful punk rock that has its heritage in Leatherface and Hot Water Music. The musicianship is excellent throughout and I love some of the guitar melodies, particularly in the title track. The vocals are gruff, snotty and melodic, while the hooks reveal themselves over repeated listens, in a similar way to Leatherface. The No Marks have a driving, punch-y anthemic punk rock sound throughout that becomes unmistakeably theirs, but I like that they change things up now and then, and when they do, they produce my two favourite tracks from Light of One. “Not Working” is a hard-hitting, fast-paced raspy punk song that calls to mind early Hot Water Music mixed with Bangers, which has a slowed down middle section (including a clip from a real (?) documentary on joblessness in Merseyside), before bursting into an anthemic closing section. “Lighthouse” is also brilliant in showing what can be done with about four lines of lyrics. It kind of sounds like it could have been on alternative radio in the mid-90s alongside Jawbreaker, with its catchy-as-shit chorus: “Don’t wanna be a phone-call away”. That is probably a good guide for the whole record: updated ‘90s punk rock hits for the ‘Fest’ generation.

Check ’em out here:



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