I have already written about the awesomeness of The Amp Session on these very virtual pages, so I will say little more about the internet radio station, except that this was their first organised gig. The bands involved in the debut Amp Session Live! were diverse and stimulating. First up were The Landed, which I missed the majority of, thanks to London Midland and ‘unforeseen delays’. However, that song and a half I heard were pretty great, and what I’ve heard since on Soundcloud proved that it wasn’t the beer distorting my hearing. The Landed play traditional blues-y rock, but are clearly influenced by ‘70s and ‘80s power-pop, with melodic choruses a-plenty. It’s energetic, toe-tapping stuff, and I would like to actually hear a full set next time. Next up were Surray’s Rival Empires, a female-fronted, anthemic rock band full of vigour and passion. They look like a band already made for a big stage at a festival, and that is partly down to the stage presence and ‘cool’ factor of lead singer Lucy Albury. I usually try to avoid lazy comparisons, but Paramore definitely came to mind when watching Rival Empires: big rock choruses, soaring vocals and sing-a-long parts, it’s all there. And then the main band came on, in the form of something completely original and alternative: pirate music. That’s right. Completely clad from head to toe in pirate gear, the aptly named Peerless Pirates tore up the stage with their folk-based ditties about their pirate lives. Things kicked up a gear dance floor wise at this point, as their swashbuckling groupies got merry and danced the night away. Yes, it’s a gimmick, but it’s a damn fun one and Peerless Pirates fit in perfectly in a pub environment. And that marked the end of an awesome, but musically and stylistically diverse night of music. Arr, mateys, cheers to that!