Review: The Fairweather Band- S/T 12″ (Specialist Subject)

Posted: November 20, 2014 in Reviews

The Fairweather Band 12" cover art

It is difficult to know how to categorise Devon-based The Fairweather Band’s debut 12″. I guess that it is roughly, more or less, in the ‘indie rock’ genre, but there is more going on than that. There is a punk attitude running throughout this 12″, noticeably in the concise, witty and honest songwriting, reminiscent of Against Me! Or The Weakerthans, two bands they count as influences. There is clearly a folk aspect to the music as well, in terms of both sound and songwriting, which fits in with others currently on the DIY punk circuit, like Great Cynics, ONSIND and fellow South-Westers Crazy Arms. In true punk spirit, there is no flak or excess on this concise 12″. Meanwhile, the musicianship is really great, particularly the layered guitars and passionate vocals (that of Rory Matthews, formerly known as Some Sort of Threat). This EP is a grower of sorts and it takes a while for these qualities to show through, but they are there alright. So, I will give up unnecessarily labelling The Fairweather Band and just call them ‘good’.


Check ’em out:


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