This is part 1 of a new section, where I tell you what to like or what to do. That’s right, a dictatorship with a Ramones soundtrack, or North Korea, with co-ordinated pogo-ing. Anyway.


The Amp Session is an internet-based radio show that plays those unsigned acts who are unfairly getting looked over in the cut-throat music industry. Fighting back against the dull, repetitive nature of mainstream radio, they aim to acquaint you with the most exciting unknown bands currently active.

The Amp Session currently does an online radio show every few weeks and their latest show can be streamed on their website here:

As well as this, The Amp Session is branching out until the world of gigs to showcase these awesome underground gems.

The first Amp Session Live is going to be on November 15th @ The Good Ship in Kiburn, London, with Peerless Pirates, Rival Empires and The Landed playing.

More info here:

Be there or be square, dum dums.


Just Some Punk Songs

I love the simplicity of this blog. Because it literally is, JUST SOME PUNK SONGS. The blogger picks a different song of choice every few days from any era of punk (although it tends to be more classic/’70s based punk), posts the video and writes a bit about it. It is simple, but does the job and gives you something to listen to that you may not otherwise have checked out. There are definitely some obscure cuts on there. Example recent posts include selections from Sloppy Seconds, Half Man Half Biscuit and Captain Everything! As well as this, there are sometimes top tens posted from punk bands or members of bands. The last one included Keep Track of the Time favourites The Kimberley Steaks, with frontman Greg giving his top 10 songs of all time.

Check it out: