Wasted Daze- Morningcide

Posted: October 17, 2014 in Reviews

Morningcide cover art

Coventry’s only punk rock band Wasted Daze are back with a new album called Morningcide full of skate-punk sing-a-longs. In fact, in my review of the band’s last ep, I may have boxed them into that particular sub-genre a little too much. I mean, they are ostensibly a skate-punk band, with their ‘90s Fat-wreck chords (un-intended pun) and their NOFX-like flirtations with ska, but there is a little more to them than I originally suggested. For one thing, there is hardcore. Generally, not proper hardcore, but melodic hardcore, and it’s always burning below the surface. Although Wasted Daze do slip into full-on scream mode in “Carrion” and the brilliant “Skella-whore” when the aggression comes to the forefront: “No retreat, no surrender!!”.

There’s a classic pop-punk influence in parts of Morningcide, although it’s never fully realised. Having a number of songs based around particular girls and their stories (“Stephanie Browne”, “Jennacide”, “Hannarchy”) is like something The Steinways or Barrakuda McMurder would have done. And the melodies of pop-punk are evident to varying degrees, such as on the sleazy “Stephanie Browne” or most obviously with the catchy-as-fuck “Neon Lights” (which also featured on the band’s last EP). Having said that, lyrically they’re pretty far from the whiny, nerdy or Ramones-y aspects of pop punk; Wasted Daze are angry and they mean business (hence the hardcore influence). Like The Queers before them, Wasted Daze are not afraid to offend. Sometimes, this works brilliantly and is fun in nature (“Woooooohhhhhh, Skellawhore!”), but other times, it can be a little crude and distasteful (“Stephanie brown you’re a sexy little bitch/
I wanna suck your toes I want to drink your spit”). Meanwhile, there’s also the band’s unexpected brief experiments with ska, as with the opening track.

So, Wasted Daze still sound like they could have been from Southern California circa 1996, but with enough depth and texture on Morningcide to prevent them becoming a caricature.

Listen here: http://wasteddazecov.bandcamp.com/


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