Shallow Cuts- Storm Watch 7″ (No Idea)

Posted: October 17, 2014 in Reviews

Shallow Cuts is the newest addition to the No Idea roster, featuring members of Dan Padilla, Madison Bloodbath and Dear Landlord. There is a little bit of Dear Landlord in the catchiness and group vocals running through their debut 7” Storm Watch, but it definitely veers away from the more traditional, Lookout-recs pop punk of DL. Shallow Cuts play mid-tempo melodic punk rock, with enough variety and hooks over the four songs to suggest they may be on to something here. There is definitely a ‘90s punk rock influence running through the 7” and Shallow Cuts wouldn’t look out of place on a Punk-o-rama compilation, or playing alongside Lagwagon or Bouncing Souls. The opening chords on first song “89 Suzuki” are pretty great. And the vocals work as well. There are only so many bands that can gruff and growl, right? They remind me quite a bit of Dave Smalley’s singing in Down By Law’s more mid-tempo songs: perfect for this kind of music. Anyway, here’s a challenge: try to dislodge the hook of “it’s a mean world without you in it, the razors are sharper/ It’s a mean wooooooooorld” from your head, and you are a better man than I.

Buy the 7″ here:


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