Doe- First Four LP (Specialist Subject)

Posted: October 17, 2014 in Reviews

First Four LP cover art

Doe are an indie-punk trio from London and First Four is their debut LP, comprising of, yes, you guessed it, their first four EPs. As a result, the album is unavoidably a little disjointed and segregated in nature, but once you get past this, you realise that this is a collection of largely very good songs and that Doe display a clear progression from EP 1 to 4. Doe are indebted to ‘90s indie rock and pop-punk in the same way as contemporaries like Cayetana, Lemuria and Swearin’. These are the best examples I can think of where the band is clearly influenced by that particular time in music history but does something interesting with it rather than pointlessly copycat-ing in the name of nostalgia. I’m pleased to say that Doe are definitely in the former bracket.

Doe do not have a bassist, but they do have boy-girl vocals, catchy-as-fuck choruses and, most importantly, brilliant pop songwriting. It’s lo-fi, but not overly so. The songs have hooks galore, but it’s not cheesy. The songs early on sound a little amateurish, but by the time you reach EP 4, everything is gold. Doe sound like a mix of Weezer, Lemuria and Riot Grrrl; indeed, high-tempo rawk song “Nowhere Girl” could have been a lost Bikini Kill single. I like as well the variety throughout this LP: mixing up fuzzy, mid-tempo janglers like “Work in Progress” with the indie pop of “Let Me In” with the slow-loud rocker “Julia Survived”. I put “Julie Survived” from the latest EP down as the highlight of this collection; you can clearly see how far the songwriting has developed by this point. When Doe release an album proper, shit is going to hit the fan.

Listen here:

  1. I thought it sounded a bit like Throwing Muses:)

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