The Lemonaids are a surf pop punk band from Glasgow, Scotland. First off, The Lemonaids is pretty much a perfect band name, especially for a pop punk band. The album starts with the title track “Back to the Beach” and it has an interesting intro that sounds Hawaiian. Intros are where the band really excel, especially on the song “Beach leech”. There’s a song called “Horror on Party Beach” and it’s unrelated to the Sloppy Seconds song. The songs that stand out the most are “Wonky Wanda”, “Beach Leech” and “Wiped Out (Over You), “Wonky Wanda” has a cool intro and a chorus that gets better with time. I think it’s possible that, like the newest Masked Intruder album, this is an album that will get better for each listen.

The album has great production! I think musically, though very inspired by the Beach Boys, the band sounds very much like Green Day, at least when it comes to the drums, guitar and bass, maybe especially on the Uno, Dos and Tré albums. The album has nice guitar riffs, really tight drums and cool bass lines. The musicianship on the album is brilliant, and the vocal harmonies are (to my untrained ear) very good and close to something the Beach boys would do. I guess something that brings it down are the lead vocals that to me are a bit too standard and don’t bring any new impressions into the music. I think one of the things I miss on the album is good songwriting; most of the songs lack the catchiness pop punk songs need that has made bands like The Queers successful. I think this album suffers from something I see with a lot of very talented bands with amazingly skilled and harmonized band members that play pop punk, that the music becomes generic and homogenous. To me, The Lemonaids become generic and homogenous both in their sound and in their lyrics, something I feel like Masked Intruder also start to suffer from. When all the songs are about the beach and surfing, bands have a tendency to make a caricature of both themselves and the beach life. The album also waits till the last song before there’s a slower song, “Wiped Out (Over You)”, which is also the best song on the album and I like that song a lot! The bridge sounds really cool and I love the handclaps. The title is great too and here the surfing imagery works really well. In the future, if all the songs are as good as that song and they continue the great musicianship they show on this album and maybe expand their lyrical themes, I can see this band becoming very good


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