Pack Your Bags cover art

Ottowa: the place where punk rock dreams are made. Tons of awesome bands have emerged from the city in recent years, but relatively new band Finderskeepers offer something slightly different to their garage-pop/ pop-punk neighbours. The Pack Your Bags 7” offers a more primal, rock ‘n’ roll style of punk, with added oomph and edge. The vocals are reasonably gruff, yet soar occasionally. The guitars swirl about, and the odd solo here and there complements the vocals and the style Finderskeepers are going for. If somebody gave you it to listen with no other information, you would not think that it was a 2014 release; it sounds kind of ‘80s to me. There are gang vocals moments in the choruses when Husker Du springs to mind. I think that they could do with more variation in their sound, and perhaps more melody too (although this is probably more of a personal preference), as the rock ‘n’ roll riffs and the immensity of the guitar sound can be a little much at times, without deviation. Having said that, this is still a really decent 7”, and I would love to see them live (where I’m sure they shine the most) alongside the rest that Ottowa has to offer.


Check out the 7″ here: