Teamwork Makes the Dream Work cover art

Specialist Subject’s newest recruits are a bizarre, yet strangely compelling band called Big Wow, featuring former members of The Dauntless Elite and Get Human. It is incredibly difficult to pin down exactly what Big Wow sound like, as they mix in post-punk fuzz with straight up pop-punk, but I suppose that at their root, they are a power-pop band, albeit one dressed in weird and wonderful colours.

Opening track “Boltzmann Brain” is fittingly schizophrenic in nature, sounding like a street-punk band trying to make it as a power-pop band, with boy-girl vocals to boot. The gruff, Yorkshire male vocals intersperse rather well with the cutesy, harmony-led female vocals. Following this, “Josephine” is more standard, straight-up Lemuria-worshipping indie-punk, albeit one that ends in an electronic interlude. And the opening two tracks kind of set the tone for the rest of the album with its jarring, experimental approach. Big Wow remind me a little of indie band Hot Club de Paris in their unconventional, yet ultimately melody-focused nature, particularly with standout track “These Rumours are a Disappointment”, which intersperses Cub with shout-y punk rock. This is certainly not an album for everyone, but if you fancy something different, that challenges the boundaries of how far you can take an indie/punk band, take a listen to Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork.


Listen to the album here: