Image of **PRE-ORDER** Mikey Erg/Warren Franklin & the Founding Fathers split 7"

With its retro 7’’ cover that parodies old school haircuts and gives a nostalgic touch that takes us back to the 7 inch singles of the 50s and the 60s, the Mikey Erg/Warren Franklin and the Founding fathers split has a lot to offer. The two sides have one original track and one cover of the other artist. The split starts off with Mikey Erg!’s “You’ve never heard “my aim is true”’ which is a cover of Warren Franklin and the Founding fathers. Mikey Erg interprets the song in a very Elvis Costello inspired style which is quite fitting because the title of the song is a reference to Costello’s classic debut album. And there’s something extremely touching about the lyrics “You’ve never heard “My aim is true”/ you could care less what Brian Wilson sang”. The original is great, but this cover is really Mikey Erg! at his best. There’s a great piano part in the song, and the song also shifts away from the Elvis Costello style in the beginning and goes more into an alternative rock sound. Mikey’s original song is “Three cheers for the liberty bell” which is the same song he recorded for the Barrakuda McMurder split. This version is different, VERY different. The Turkletons also did a version of this song. It’s a pretty good song, it’ not Ergs! Quality, but I requested in my “Dorckrockcorkrod” article that Mikey should focus more on songwriting and I feel like this is a good step in that direction! I enjoy this way more than the version on the Barrakuda McMurder split.

Prior to this, I had never heard of Warren Franklin and the Founding fathers. “Please return” starts off with a catchy intro and, to my enjoyment, my favorite instrument, the tambourine, also comes in. Franklin has an interesting voice. The song has a nice melody and there’s something soothing about it, yet it’s not extremely catchy. There’s something fall-like about this song and it will probably get a lot of listens from me while I drink a cup of cocoa and turn the oven on full this autumn. I almost feel like it’s getting colder just by listening to it! The split ends with Warren Franklin’s cover of “See Him Again”, and the most significant difference is maybe the voice. “See Him Again” is one of my favorite Ergs! Songs, and singing such a great song, I think Warren does a great job on it. What stands out for me with this cover is the gruff vocals by the end and the percussion track is marvelous. The split is good overall, and even if it’s by two different artists, it has a similar alternative rock sound that they both master well. I have nothing bad to say about it, and I think it’s something both Ergs! and Warren Franklin fans will enjoy!


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