Review: Dikembe- Mediumship (Tiny Engines)

Posted: September 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

Mediumship cover art

So, this emo revival thing then. We have heard a ton about it on blogs and Buzzfeed in the last year or so, but is it actually a thing? And more pertinently, is any band in that scene any good? As in, can they touch anyone from the original ‘90s emo scene? Into it. Over it. are pretty good. Everyone Everywhere’s recent album was decent. But I’ve yet to hear anybody from the revival who is at the level of say Braid or Sunny Day Real Estate. And unfortunately Dikembe are not an exception.

That is not to say that Mediumship, Dikembe’s second full length, is not decent though, because it certainly is; it’s just nothing to write home about. How to describe it? Well, it’s broody, contemplative and is spacious enough to give the music to breathe. It’s more melodic and hook-filled, and consequently less noisy, than anything Dikembe have previously done. It’s also slower in tempo and moodier in nature than former album Broad Shoulders, recalling Brand New circa 2001. In Sunny Day Real Estate style (albeit in a less grungy fashion), there is also a soft-loud dynamic going on throughout Mediumship, which works to greatest effect on “24 Karats”. It certainly has the feel of an emo record, but Dikembe lack the urgency and energy of classic ‘90s emo (Indeed, the standout track here is “Donuts in a Six Speed”, which bursts into a speedy and lively chorus). All the necessary elements are evident (noodly guitars, pained vocals, titles like “Hood Rat Messiah”), but they don’t produce anything particularly special. Despite best efforts, Mediumship fades into the background of a scene which is already rather musically homogenous.


Listen here:



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