Review: The Walking Targets-

Posted: July 21, 2014 in Reviews

RDR-001: The Walking Targets "Chasing Days" cover art

The Scottish pop-punk scene is looking pretty healthy to me, right now. I will admit that I had not paid much attention to it until the very recent past, but in the past 6 months, I’ve discovered The Murderburgers, The Kimberley Steaks and now The Walking Targets among others. The Walking Targets’ debut full-length is release 001 on Round Dog Records, recently set up by Fraser Murderburger and Chasing Days is not a bad way at all to kick off your record label.

The Walking Targets describe their music as being “for fans off Dear Landlord, NOFX, Dillinger Four, Hot Water Music and being depressed”. This is a pretty accurate description of the sort of music listener who would be into this record, but Chasing Days does not particularly sound like any of the listed bands. Or perhaps I just listen to too much of this sort of music, and to a more general fan of punk, it would be valid. Nevertheless, for me, The ‘Targets use that fairly-polished, fairly-melodic, mid-tempo sound with gruff, pained vocals that has become popular with the Gainesville Fest crowd in recent years. There are no choruses as such, and the way the melody lingers on songs such as “Perfectionist” (my personal favourite) is a-typical of this scene. The band they most remind me of is underrated Mid-westers The Manix, with its fist-pumping sing-a-longs and heart-wrenching melodies. Essentially, The ‘Targets would sound best in a sweaty basement, with sweaty friends, sweaty beers and even sweatier hearts.

Check it out:


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