Review: The Creeps- Eulogies (It’s Alive Records)

Posted: July 21, 2014 in Reviews

Eulogies cover art

I generally don’t think that “themed” bands, or gimmicky bands have much of a lifespan and get annoying after a while. I mean, every band is “themed” to some extent, but I’m talking about when a band has an overt gimmick, like Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, or Masked Intruder. Masked Intruder’s second LP highlights their inherent limitations. But The Creeps have got much, much more in the bag than 99% of pop-punk bands, and, so, the fact that they are loosely horror-themed in nature does little to curtail their consistency. Eulogies is The Creeps’ fifth full-length and they just keep getting better, rather than stagnating; they evolve, rather than re-do. While their first couple of full length were Lillingtons-worship Ramonescore, they have developed over the course of the last few years into one of the shining lights of the underground pop-punk scene.

So, what have The Creeps added since the melodic delights of the “Follow Me Home” EP et al? Well, the catchy-as-shit melodies are still there, but the band has evolved into a tougher, rockier sound. I mean, it’s still clearly pop punk; but Eulogies has a slightly broader appeal. The stylings of one of lead singer Skottie Lobotomy’s other bands Crusades has perhaps seeped over into The Creeps’ songwriting.

And what glorious songwriting it is. Skottie’s writing is still as 100% on it as it has been since Lakeside Cabin came out, with tales of death and gore fitting wonderfully into slowly-chugging, melodic punk rock of the finest quality. Except the songwriting has a slight tweak to it on Eulogies. In the past, The Creeps have been all about stalking and murdering; now the turmoil is inner and there are umpteen references to suicide. If older records were The Hitcher, this is more The Shining, depicting a man going slowly crazy: “All these nights I lay awake/ Thinking thoughts that never change/ Just close your eyes and let go/ Just close your eyes”. The desperation reaches a peak on album highlight “Cancer”: “And if cancer’s going to fill my body then maybe nicotine was always the right answer and I just gave up too easily”. Or, the sad-as-shit moment when your suicide buddy opts out: “If you don’t want to come/ It’s okay, baby”. While The Creeps’ previous songwriting elements were never overly silly and had a level of attachment to them, the new stuff is arguably much more relatable. Such as the simple, crushing lyric: “I haven’t felt like me in so long. So long”. The introspective narrative style is as strong as ever, although the “I said/ she said” trick is definitely over-used.

But what it comes down to is: there is not one band that could do Eulogies other than The Creeps. They have made a niche, rather than a gimmick, within pop-punk their own, in much the same way that The Lillingtons did.

Check it out:

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