Review: Grim Deeds- “Has Needs” EP

Posted: July 4, 2014 in Reviews


The first question you ask yourself on Grim Deeds “Has Needs” ep is: “is this really not a Lookout 7” from, like, 1997?”. This is pure, silly Ramonescore, ever so slightly updated for the 2010s. It’s short, spunky and sticks to a basic song structure: it can only belong to one particular sub-sub-sub-genre, really. But then you release that “Has Needs” kind of isn’t that Lookout 7” from 1997. This may be mis-remembering, but the Ramonescore bands of the era, and even more recent ones like The Creeps, had charm and wit. This ep is catchy enough, but Grim Deeds rely on vulgarity, something I never personally associated too much with in regards to pop-punk. Yes, The Queers did it (mostly) well, but they are the exception. The sexual and expletive nature of the “jokes” here remind me of Bowling for Soup or something else early 2000s mainstream, rather than the pop-punk scene proper. There is a song about being addicted to porn, for God’s sake. There is already that terrible “It’s just porn, Mom” song for that. There is another song about your wife not fucking you now that she’s your wife. Deep, this is not. I know, it’s not supposed to be, but it’s not really good enough as that hilarious, edgy pop-punk EP it really wants to be. “Being Fat Mike”, I will give them, though. It’s decent and funny enough. I really hope it was intended as a rip-off of “Scavenger Type”, but that may be me looking into it too much.


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