Review: Apologies, I Have None- Black Everything (EP)

Posted: May 29, 2014 in Reviews

Black Everything cover art

When you first listen to opening track “Raging Through the Thick and Heavy Darkness of a Bloodlust”, with its heavy wall of distorted guitars and brooding, echo-y vocals, you almost question if this is really even Apologies, I Have None. And you realise that it most definitely is, but a new, moodier alt-rock Apologies, I Have None. The whole track essentially builds up to a big, cathartic, screaming, let-off of emotion: “I have turned away from everything that makes a person good”. The sounds on Black Everything is reminiscent of ‘90s alt-rock, or more recent post-rock, but whatever it is, it is pretty far from Apologie’s folk punk beginnings with songs about sitting in Vicky Park. This is dense, thick, miserable stuff. I mean, their first LP London wasn’t exactly a walk in the park (see what I did there), but this takes Apologies’ self-depreciation to a whole new level. It’s like a Morrissey-fronted punk band, if he was a more direct songwriter: Apologies’ writing has become self-critical and confessional to a level where it is almost uncomfortable to listen to. We hear about their routines of “Coffee, Alcohol, Codeine, Repeat”, before last track “The Clarity of Morning” lays the miserabilia on even thicker, which contains perhaps their best ever lyric: “I walk much slower now I’ve got no direction”.

I see this EP as a band pushing themselves to their limits, almost to breaking point and not just doing London, part 2. Their honest approach to music and their critical take on their own reality is something that will always put them head and shoulders above the majority in the UK punk scene. This EP will hopefully be merely a taster of what is to come on their next LP.


Take a listen:


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