Groezrock: A Weekend in Meerhout (Part 2)

Posted: May 29, 2014 in Liveage

Day Two

The second day was less stressful and there built up a bit of a nervous excitement for Screeching weasel; I just couldn’t believe I was gonna see this band, that had affected my life in so many ways, live. The first band to be seen this Saturday was Snuff, the great British Punk band that has horn sections in their arrangement with a singing drummer and who made one of the best albums last year; .5-4-3-2-1 perhaps. They finished the set with “Arsehole” which might be their catchiest song and even though it was early in the evening a few people sang along. The next band would be ALL, a band that I haven’t paid much attention to except Mass nerder, but they played some great songs including “Until I say so”. I got two beers to drink before the screeching weasel set, which might not have been the best idea. I chugged the rest of the second beer when Ben went into their opening number “I’m Gonna Strangle You”. I had gotten a fanny pack to keep under my hoodie this time so that I could jump around as much as I could without losing my shit. I probably looked quite far right there, with my beer gut that was actually a fanny pack, chugging half my beer. I even got a shout out “This song goes out to a chubby little boy from Norway called René” and I got “Ashtray”; it was an amazing experience. The band played fantastically and Ben was on fire; well I mean that metaphorically, even though there was smoke in the pit and everyone had soot in their faces and we all left with black lungs and a cough, I have no idea what happened. Screeching weasel played for 50 minutes and tried to squeeze in as many classics as possible and the crowd were, even though a bit fewer people, about as energetic as at the NOFX set the night before and Screeching weasel did top them in performance too. This was the best show I’ve seen in my life and I’m sure few things can actually top this. We got to hear “My Brain Hurts”, “Science of Myth”, “Hey Suburbia”, “Joannie Loves Johnny”, “My Right” and the fantastic “I Wanna Be With You Tonight”. They finished with “Cool Kids” as a “fuck you” to all the punk rock scenesters. I never thought anyone would top NOFX, but Screeching weasel definitely did!

After that I got a Screeching weasel shirt even though they only had it in XXL and put it on top of my Descendents hoodie and felt even bigger, it was great! Next band up were New Found glory and I went around thirsty and tried to get the soot out of my face and out of my lungs and I started to get a little drunk and I tried to drink from the spring water at the festival and the guards said I could get sick the next day, but I didn’t seem to care much. I was shocked these guards hadn’t listened to Screeching weasel. New found glory played basically all the songs I wanted to hear from them and 13 year old René came to life again and this time he was old enough to get drunk. He would sing along to songs like “Sincerely Me”, “My Friends Over You” and “Forget My Name”, in fact “Forget My Name” was stuck in my head for weeks. It started to get dark quickly and on the Macbeth stage the Ska band The Toaster played and they put on a great show even though I had never heard any of their songs before. The last band of the entire festival were The Offspring, which had as large of an audience as NOFX, but people didn’t to me seem to go as nuts. Like NOFX the Offspring played their classic album from 1994, and for them that was Smash. For some reason, they played it in order, but put “Self esteem” last. The band sounded pretty good, but you could tell they were more “rockstars” than the rest of the bands playing with their “we love you guys” and “we’re so horny for you guys” speeches, that seemed kind of scripted, but their performance was pretty good even though it was far from the best one at the festival and they finished what was a great weekend full of cold beer, great music and nice food. The Currywürst and the Mexicano burger were awesome! An unforgettable time for sure, I can imagine myself still remembering Groezrock even when I sit around chewing my false teeth, shitting my pants and struggling to even remember my own name.



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