Wasted Daze- Meltdown

Posted: May 23, 2014 in Reviews

Meltdown (Lost, Found & Salvaged) cover art

Wasted Daze are from Coventry, UK, but they could easily have been Southern California in the mid-‘90s, so strong is the skate-punk/fat-wreck influence on Meltdown. The album kicks off with breakdowns and wailing, but this is no hardcore album. “Neon Lights” particularly stands out as being NOFX-core, with its driving guitars, Fat-wreck style drumming and even a ska-like breakdown. Well, Wasted Daze do hail from Coventry, the home of ska, with the heritage of The Specials looming large. The band has actually been going since the 2000s, but stopped for a while and have only recently decided to reform as a two piece.

Wasted Daze are what industry moguls may call a band with “potential”. The songs range from decent to really great, but there is a lack of overall drive to the album. It feels like it was written as a collection of songs, rather than an album. The production is also on the tinny side and does not do the songs justice. However, that is a back-handed compliment, as the songs on Meltdown are deserving of better production, meaning that, yes, they are pretty good. Being a pop whore, I like the tunes where the melodies really shine through, and for me, that is the catchy-as-hell “Totally”, the aforementioned “Neon Lights” (particularly where the nanananas come out) and album highlight “Stretchmarks”. The latter song sounds kind of like The Queers, or Queers-esque bands and contains some brilliant lyrics: “No kinder eggs, no Greggs, no fizzy pop/ I wish this shit would stop”. The spirit of ‘90s pop punk thus lives on in a very British way.

Available to stream/download free here: https://wasteddazecov.bandcamp.com/album/meltdown-lost-found-salvaged


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