Review: The Feels- Dead Skin

Posted: May 23, 2014 in Reviews

Dead Skin cover art

Pop! Yes, that is right. Christian from The Tattletales is back with a new band, and it is kind of awesome. If you have never heard the pop masterpiece (and this is not sarcastic in any way) that is “One Lawn Away” by The Tattletales, then you need to change that immediately. After briefly playing in Candy Hearts, Christian is back with The Feels. I know it is a cliché and an easy thing to write about a new band, but this will please Tattletales fans. The hooks are still big, and the pop is still with a capital P.

The EP kicks off with probably the two best songs on there: the infectious, harmony-led “Purple Heart” and the fast-paced jig “Dumb or 21”. Christian has a great ear for melodies and hooks, and it is no surprise that Dead Skin is pure pop. Most of it sounds like lost Tattletales lost recordings or something, but there are some tweaks. The Feels sounds more professional, or perhaps sophisticated. I am not sure if I am accurately describing the EP with those descriptives, but it definitely feels slightly more adult compared to The Tattle Tales youthful feel. The acoustic, earnest “When Things Were Good” being a prime example, seeming wistful, rather than nostalgic. More obviously, “Glassy Eyed” parts with Christian’s usual instrumentation, and feels more sophisiticated as a result, with the high-pitched chorus of “Maybe we’ve been lying all along”. Immediately after this song, The Feels burst into poppy, energetic closer “You’re Gonna Haunt Me All My Life” and it feels like The Tattle Tales again. I guess I prefer the latter in the end, but it is cool that the former is being attempted. To conclude: this is The Tattle Tales 2: Revenge of The Tattle Tales.

Listen here:


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