Review: Despised Kids- Party Time (EP)

Posted: May 23, 2014 in Reviews

In my column “Read hard’s classic pop punk picks”, I pick albums that I love and that’s easy to write about, but reviewing a band’s record is terrifying! What if I don’t like it and hurt their feelings? I felt a relief when I heard this! The Despised kids are a band from Katowice, Poland and they’ve been playing since 2012. They are described on their Facebook page as pop punk and pop rock. The production on the EP “Party Time” is pretty good! And the first song “Love in a Hospital” has a catchy chorus and always makes me want to go back to the moment. I feel like this could be a hit song, especially if it was released in the early 2000s. Sometimes I think the band’s lyrics are a bit too corny; I do like corny, but this is a type of corny that I don’t find that enjoyable, but they pick themselves up quite a few times. I also love the “party”/ “Bacardi” rhyme as much as the next dude, but sometimes it’s a bit too much. The band seems clearly influenced by Blink-182 and it really shows in their work. I hear that especially in the song “Down” (which is of course also the name of a blink song, and I enjoy the reference!). I think the drums on the EP sound great and though the song is a bit long the guitar riff in “Comic Book” is pretty nice. Even if I love Blink, the bands inspired by them are often awful, but this seems like a good one in the bunch! All in all this is a pretty good EP, even if it is not a masterpiece by any means. I’ll probably be listening to “Love in a Hospital” a lot in the time to come.




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