Review: Irrational Act- Erratic Behaviour

Posted: April 11, 2014 in Reviews

Erratic Behaviour cover art

Irrational Act are a new-ish hardcore-influenced skate-punk band from Sheffield. They offer a “fuck you” brand of punk rock, with bundles of passion and energy. They have axes to grind, from homophobes to protein shakes, and they mean business. The cover to their new ep Erratic Behaviour kind of says it all: an ageing, mohican-wearing punk screaming at a wall (bonus points for Minor Threat reference!). I don’t really hear some of the influences the band cite, particularly the skate punk stuff (NOFX, Bad Religion). To me, it sounds straight out of the late ‘70s UK punk rock scene, on the more hardcore side of things, like Crass or GBH or something. Or maybe if a UK band came from that early ‘80s US hardcore scene. You can totally imagine a huge moshpit throbbing along to “DEADHEAD!!”


Check it out:


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