Review: The Young Rochelles- Cannibal Island

Posted: March 20, 2014 in Reviews

Cannibal Island is an EP by The Young Rochelles. I’ve always had a hard time separating this band from The New Rochelles. What I expected from this EP was very Ramones-ish and I was scared I was gonna hear it once and enjoy it and not listen to it more, but I was surprised. The songs are snotty, fast and loud. The songs are all fast punk rock with an edge and the choruses usually burst into contagious and poppy choruses that are sugar sweet and catchy.

The title track “Cannibal Island” is a great song, and it really is a breath of fresh air for Pop Punk where the status quo is to grow beards and be boring or just ape an old band. Ricky sings “They are animals oh yeah/Island cannibals” and it has the sing-along quality that makes you want to sing along with it even though the lyrics are kind of silly. The EP is only 7 minutes and few songs even clock in over 2 minutes and during these 7 minutes they manage to bring us songs that sound like the snottiest of Beatnik termites songs and something close to The Vindictives, there are gang vocals and even a cover of the Methadones’ “Less than zero”.  The lyrics are immature and simple and some of them could easily fit into Welcome to Goonington beach by The Gooningtons, which is a compliment! The EP has a stellar production and there’s a nice tambourine in some of the songs. If I was gonna say something negative it’d be the use of Auto tune, which is cute and funny the first time, but I could see it getting draining after few listens and ruin a pretty good song! All in all I think The Young Rochelles did a great job and if you like Pop punk, this is an EP you need to check out!


Check it out:


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