Review: Skinny Genes- “Meh”

Posted: March 1, 2014 in Reviews

 MEH 7" cover art

“I’m so bored of this bullshit” is the opening line from Skinny Genes’ first song off their first 7” and perfectly sums up the mood and feeling of “Meh”. But boring is the opposite of what this record is; this is a skreedle-deedle, high-octane, blink and you’ll miss it pop-punk blitz. In short, it’s brilliant. Skinny Genes is Ace from Steinways/Houseboat fame gone ‘solo’ (with a little help from friends) and this is his pop punk baby. If you are familiar with the two aforementioned bands, you will probably know that Ace has already written and sung on tracks dotted here and there (most memorably trading lines with Steinboat Grath Madden in “30 Going on 13”), but given the room to breathe and write his own material for a complete 7”, Ace shines.

Essentially, if you are a fan of House Boat and wish they would hurry the hell up with the next LP, this is the perfect stop gap. Any of these would fit in perfectly on ‘The Delaware Octopus’. But it is also a bit more than that. The hooks and melodies are more instantly catchy and to the point than some House Boat material can be. This 7” will grab you by the throat instantly; there is no messing around with this bad boy. Most notably, the cry of “I suck at being a grown up” is probably as poppy as self-depreciation can get. Indeed, lyrically, “Meh” picks up from where “My Guts Have Shit For Brains” left off. This is a self-aware dissection of immaturity, lack of motivation and a painful, lethargic regret: “There’s something missing and I miss it every day”. Now, that we know Ace has it in him, we expect a full album. Or a Houseboat album. Whichever comes first.

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